Golly gosh... the 1 month-anniversary!

Golly gosh... the 1 month-anniversary!

Gosh! Tomorrow marks my first month anniversary for Periwinkle and Clay... One month of complete self employment has flown by, especially considering a good two weeks of it were spent looking after a poorly little Mini Millen.  So actually it works out that I've only really the chance to work on the business for a couple of weeks.

My to-do list is as long as a giraffes neck, seriously - I keep adding to it daily and it only seems to be slightly reducing.  One item was supposed to be figuring out what to talk to you about on my blog - oops!  So you'll have to put up with my sporadic ramblings for now, until I get myself more organised.

If you're still reading this, then would you like to know my top 10 thoughts on month one?

Yes?  Still here?

Super!  Here goes...

  1. Starting up your own business is no light task! My head is literally skipping around, full to the brim of ideas and things to do... I've learnt, the hardest thing for a creative person to do is rein themselves in and finish tasks. 
  2. Shopify is ACE!  But you need to invest to get a good website - both money and TIME...  There are loads of brilliant Shopify Apps that you can download or buy that allow you to add customisation to your website - amazing.  I'm still working on this one mind...
  3. Getting good photos is an art itself!  I've spent hours looking for the 'right' props.  Lightboxes are FAB - highly recommend this one on eBay - http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/280899904302 
  4. I'd forgotten how much I loved 'playing with clay'... it's messy and just lovely and usually whilts I'm stood there rolling and cutting squares I get fabulous new ideas.
  5. I've missed chatting to all the lovely people I've met through Crafty Pretty so it's fab to be back. It is however a wee bit lonely working from home on your own with no one to talk to, I miss the office banter and gossip.  So Facebook, Twitter, etc. are my little sanity lines! ;-)
  6. There are so many other lovely talented ladies running businesses.  It's so lovely to be invited into Facebook groups set up for amazing business pages by amazing business women - some I aspire to be like.  The best bit - the world is a small place and as a result of joining a recent group on Facebook I meet someone local for a coffee and realise the hubby and I viewed her house when we were looking to buy!
  7. It takes a serious amount of time to set yourself up on etsy, folksy, handmade by amazon - I've still got a lot of work to do here, as well as on my own site!  All your descriptions need to be different to help optimise search engine results, and it's hard enough just writing one.
  8. Friends are amazing sounding boards... when it comes to choosing a name... Periwinkle came about with the help of a lovely friend - thanks Hannah! I owe you one!  But seriously the name is only the start - for anyone looking to re-brand then I highly recommend buying yourself a copy of this amazing book... How to Style Your Brand, by Fiona Humberstone x
  9. You guys seem to really like the ceramic star Christmas decorations, and you love the new rustic style frames! I'm so glad - so do I...
  10. Finally, the tax return seriously can't hide behind the bottle of wine and box of chocolates any longer!  Don't put off doing all your accounts until well after the year has ended, find time to do a bit on it each week so it's not a huge task at the end - I know this now for this next year...

Oh and one last thing to sneak in here - trying to do all of this around a poorly toddler is almost impossible, but not unachievable if you catch up when they're sound asleep!

I think month 1 has been a huge success; I'm really quite proud of what I've managed to achieve and what I've learnt so far!

The best bit?  I'm so happy to be working on something I love that it has hardly felt like work at all.  I'm so excited about what is to come and hope you'll keep me company along the way!

Claire xx

Claire Millen

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