The Periwinkle and Clay Hare

The Periwinkle and Clay Hare

I love our little hare in the Periwinkle and Clay logo! He is so cute and makes me very happy to see him on my stickers hopping onto parcels as I send out your orders.

But, as well as being super-cute, the hare has plenty of meaning for me, and I thought I'd share where it comes from and the story behind choosing him.

"Mad as a March hare" is a common English phrase, and certainly rings some bells around here! Of course, the mad March hare is a famous character in Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', appearing at the tea party scene. He's all about tea-time, and I do so love my cups of tea! I like to think my little hare is encouraging tea and cake at all times!

In art and symbolism, hares represent springtime and the re-birth and re-generation that comes with it, which makes lots of sense to me, because Periwinkle and Clay is a big part of the new phase of my life and my family.  My favourite season is Spring, the fresh sunny skies, snowdrops and other beautiful bulbs starting to pop up and the feeling of excitement for longer days.

They're elegant and gentle as well as powerful, and hares are often associated with creativity and having a fertile imagination, which I have buckets of as I build Periwinkle and Clay!  They're also qualities I love to share with my customers: fierce and gentle mothers, creative photographers, and elegantly thoughtful wordsmiths.

Hares are part of the rabbit family, and rabbits pop up as a theme in my little family, too! My daughter's favourite friend is her Jellycat bunny, she takes it everywhere (we've more than one just in case one is in the wash!).  We also got married on Easter Sunday, with plenty of Easter bunny family fun so the hare's relation to rabbits and bunnies just felt right to me!

I hope that my little hare (affectionally nicknamed 'Periwinkle') will make you smile when he hops into your home too.

Claire xx



Claire Millen

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