3 Ways To Wow With Christmas Gift Wrap

3 Ways To Wow With Christmas Gift Wrap

It's that time of year, the twinkly lights on your Christmas tree in the background for evenings spent beautifully wrapping your special Christmas gifts.  Every year I think about all the ways I want to wrap the gifts I've got for family & friends.

For me, it's not just about finding the right gift for the right person; it's also about the whole gift-giving-and-receiving experience. And that includes beautiful, thoughtful, and fun gift wrap.  My sister always seems to get this just right and her presents always look too lovely to open!

Today, I'm sharing three gift wrap ideas I love, and ways you can wow your friends and family this Christmas.  So far, I've actually only wrapped a couple of little people presents - so I do need to get a wriggle on!  

1: Nature inspired brown paper gifts tied up with string 

Brown paper is a cheap and creative way to wrap presents. You really can't beat the rustic simplicity... the neutral base makes it easy to add your own little hand-written notes, ink stamps, paper punches or even freehand drawing to create your own inexpensive decorations.

I love the idea of finding pretty leaves or other accessories to include on the outside of the parcels. It feels really festive!

I recommend baker's twine as great ways to tie up your lovely brown paper packages, all Periwinkle and Clay parcels feature some sort of bakers twine and you can get it in so many beautiful colours.


2: Pom Poms 

Pom Pom Christmas gift wrap from Lapin blu

pic via LapinBlu

I adore pom poms - always have... in fact I still would like to start and finish the pom pom rug I had ideas for whilst in hospital with mini me! lots of colourful sumptuous fluffy wool pom poms, wrap gifts with co-ordinating colours to make it a bright and fun Christmas (one the cats will enjoy too)!  In fact if you have any left over, why not send them to my 'I will make a pom pom rug one day' fund! - that would spur me on!

3: Periwinkle & Clay Gift Wrap

I'm in love with the little hare that has become the icon for Periwinkle & Clay, so much so I recently made it into gift wrap to add to orders, because I know that, sometimes, you just need someone else to do it for you.

The super luxurious thick paper is combined with bakers twine and one of the Periwinkle and Clay tags.  I love the watercolour effect and the handwriting on the paper.  Lots of you have already ordered this with your gifts, so I'm having fun making lots of Periwinkle and Clay orders look super co-ordinated!  I think I'll be looking into other Gift wrap options with the Periwinkle Hare next year!

For my presents this year, I think I'll be doing a combination of bakers twine, clay tags and pom poms.... I haven't quite decided yet!  I can see myself eagerly awaiting Betty to finish firing so I can add that little bit of last minute 'clay' to my gifts this Christmas!

What are your favourite gift wrap ideas? I'd love to hear about any favourites!  Or do you have a suggestion for gift wrap? I'd love to know.


Merry Christmas!

Love Claire xx



Claire Millen

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