Happy Business Birthday Periwinkle and Clay

Happy Business Birthday Periwinkle and Clay

So tomorrow is my 'business birthday' - it's 2 years old and I'm entering the 3rd year of running the business as Periwinkle and Clay.... I'm beyond proud that it's still going strong, in fact, better than strong - the last 12 months have been amazing! I'm up on last year even with taking on premises, I've started to get organised in the studio with processes in place, I have focussed lots on customer service and quality of goods and it's all paying off (I hope you agree)  It's amazing that a little random idea I had one night before Christmas 2012 has now grown into a beautiful business that I'm extremely proud and fond of - my second baby if you like.

You've certainly kept me busy - for sure - you're my best product testers and idea generators = please don't stop talking to me and asking for products! There have been lots of new products over the last 12 months; new frames, new designs, new artwork, feature walls, polkadots... Selling on Not on the high street and more. I'm living the dream that I've had since being a teen being able to run my own business...

It's obviously not all as rosy as it always sounds mind, late nights, grey hair over finance packages, sore hands from working with dusty clay, explosions in kilns, restless nights when I wonder if enough orders are going to come through to pay the studio rent, etc... I always feel a bit behind and slightly unprepared, but I STILL wouldn't give it up for the world!! I'm just really only starting to work smarter and to be clever about growing the business in a more sustainable way. I'm so excited about what the next 12 months will lead to and I really hope that you'll continue to follow me, comment, like, support and generally be lovely like you've always been.

If you've read this far - you're awesome - I love you!! 

Normally I'm not around much Friday to Sunday as it's family time, but over the next 4 days I'll be running some giveaways to celebrate and I'll be launching a couple of new products - so stay tuned over the weekend and look out for posts  I might not be able to respond to all comments, but I'll be watching and listening 

If you love what you see, please think about sharing with friends/family - I know it sounds cliche these days, but _every_ comment, share, like/love all helps small business to be seen and to be able to keep going. I'd love to be here in years to come creating lovely things for you 

Much Love, Claire xx

p.s. as a little thank you - I'm offering free postage across the shop all weekend with the code BIRTHDAYBONUS xx

Claire Millen

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