Are you hoping to order a first day of school frame?

Are you hoping to order a first day of school frame?

Due to the exciting news of our new arrival in October, I've outlined below how I'll be working on the Frist day of school frame orders...

Firstly, THANKS to all of you who have already placed a deposit for these, you’re amazing! ☺  I will be keeping this deposit scheme open until 1st June and I have just 50 more spaces available.

To ensure you get an order guaranteed, click here to place a deposit.

I will keep the First Day of School frames available to buy normally on my website for as long as my capacity allows, but if I am busy then I have to reduce stock to 'sold out', so please do place a deposit if you would like a piece guaranteed.

As I’ll be starting to reduce my workload in September, I plan to pre-make as many of your worded tiles as possible once you have paid the balance of your order.  I’ll be opening up these balance payments on 5th June.  Please pay this as soon as you can and let me know the tile style & wording you would like.

The deadline for payment of the balance or First Day of School orders will be 3rd August.   I will be in touch with you within this time to confirm the process and also tips on taking a photo that works.   I will need all photos by 10th September at the latest to give me a chance to complete them all before I finish.

Any balances paid or photos received past these dates will not be guaranteed before I finish for maternity.  However, I will prioritise these when I return to work.  Should for whatever reason I need to close the business early because of health and I'm unable to complete your order, you will be entitled to a refund or priority completion when I return to work.

To summarise, the important dates are:o scheme open until 1st June

Deadline for paid deposits is 1st June
Final Balance payments will open from 5th June
Deadline for balance payment & worded tile detail 3rd August
Deadline for photo submission will be 10th September

Any other questions, please comment on this blog post or send me an email to

Love Claire x

Claire Millen

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