Are you hoping to order for Christmas 2018?

Are you hoping to order for Christmas 2018?

Due to the exciting news of our new arrival in October, I've outlined below how I'll be working for Christmas 2018.

Clearly, I’m going to have to run Christmas very differently this year, as my October and November will be busy with a newborn, nappies and night time feeds – gulp…

So, who’s up for Christmas in the summertime?

Sorry to make you think about Christmas festivities when you’re far more likely to be planning holidays and BBQs and we've only just had a touch of nice weather (we can but hope with the British weather that it continues like this!) but realistically this is the only way I’ll be able to guarantee anything for Christmas this year...

I am running a Christmas deposit scheme – this is available now and I only have 70 spaces remaining (I may be able to increase this).  If you could give me some idea of roughly what you want to order in the notes section of the order, that would be much appreciated - I will then be in touch with you.

To ensure you get an order guaranteed for Christmas, please click here to place a deposit.  Click here to see the Christmas collection as it is - I'll be launching an updated collection mid-May.

Basically, by paying a deposit you're securing my time for an order.  I will send you a unique code to use which will reduce your final order by the deposit amount, or a custom invoice whichever suits what you're ordering.

Important dates for those who have paid deposits - my aim would be to complete your Christmas pieces before I go on maternity leave end of September.  Therefore the following deadlines apply:

Deadline for paid deposits is 1st July
Deadline for the final order, balance payment 31st July
Deadline for photo submission will be 12th August

Any orders placed or photos received after these dates will not be guaranteed for Christmas.  

Subject to capacity, I will make the updated Christmas collection available to order the regular way via my website too from Mid-May. 

I might also do a summer market sale for Christmas goodies – so make sure you’re following my social media for all the updates!

It’s a big if, but IF things are going great and I’m able to return to work late November, then I might do some last minute Christmas offers for decorations, smaller frames or a market night – but at this stage, it would be wrong of me to promise this.

I’m afraid that due to the admin overhead I won’t be able to offer payment plans this year.

Any other questions, please comment on this blog post or send me an email to

Love Claire x

Claire Millen

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