Making Memories With Baby’s First Christmas Keepsake

Making Memories With Baby’s First Christmas Keepsake

If the year has brought a new arrival into the family like our very own, then you'll feel like I do that a baby’s first Christmas keepsake for the tree is a beautiful way to make the season feel extra special.

A friend of mine has a little red sparkly bunny that she’s been hanging on her tree every year since she was a tiny girl. Now it’s her own child that hangs it on their Christmas tree. It’s such a great way to make special memories.

So if you’ve been wondering what to buy for baby’s first Christmas, I’ve got a brand new petite hanging decoration to show you that could be just the ticket.

A Brand New Keepsake for Baby’s First Christmas
This personalised Christmas decoration for the tree is made from a square, white, ceramic tile and can have any photo you choose on the front.

It’s great to capture little ones for the years to come, but also a lovely way to represent your whole family at Christmas with a petite decoration each. I'll be hanging one of both the girls on our tree this year (I want to put the tree up already!) I also think they're lovely to hang on a twiggy tree, surrounded by twinkling fairy lights all year round too.

The decoration is petite at 37mm, making it ideal for anyone who’s limited for space, but still wants to go all out and make things special with their decorations.

Each one is hung with a plain white cotton cord and finished with a protection of matte UV varnish so that it can be treasured for years to come.

Personalised Keepsakes for Baby’s First Christmas
My favourite decorations from the last couple of years are also back for 2018 and make perfect keepsakes for babies and children, even adults (or dogs!) who love to see their photo or name on something special.

Choose from a personalised photo bauble, or a bear with a red, glittery nose or a chic and understated black and cream bauble with a beautiful illustration of Santa’s sleigh.  For those of you who can’t wait for the visit from Father Christmas, our ceramic bauble reading ‘Sparkle bright and believe in Santa’ captures the magic.

Why not put your child’s name on a snowflake decoration reading ‘Eliza believes’ or ‘George believes’ to show they’re a believer that the man in the red coat is most certainly real!  He is, isn't he?!  Or perhaps a simple personalised family Christmas star is more your thing.

Whatever your way to celebrate Christmas, we hope these keepsakes will help you to treasure every moment.

It's nearly December, so a Merry Christmas from Periwinkle and Clay! xx

Claire Millen

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