Planning a wee break in April x

Planning a wee break in April x

So... I started off 2017 with the promise to myself that I'd find ways to achieve more by doing less... then Valentines happened and Mothers' Day and of course starting on Not on the hight street.... and before I knew it things had got a little crazy again, I got ill, Eliza got ill and I realised that I wasn't taking great care of myself...

I am working long hours - If I have Eliza in the day then I'm working all evening... which is absolutely fine and I love what I do - I love making you happy with such beautiful sentimental pieces... but there is so much to running a business, it's all consuming and I'm feeling the strong urge to take a real rest - as in lock the phone away rest for a little bit... in truth that will probably only be for about 24 hours... away on my own somewhere for some peace and fresh air.

But actually when I started thinking about it today, April is going to be a tricky month to juggle work wise - Eliza's in-between care - she starts at a local preschool/nursery end of April, but finishes where she is end of March - so I'll already be juggling...I've therefore decided that April's going to be my 'quieter' month.

I may not be very active on social media - I _might_ (haven't 100% decided yet) put not on the high street, allbymama, etsy and the website on 'holiday' so that I can just take it a little more easy before the madness of Fathers Day starts... but also so that I can enjoy a bit of guilt free time with Eliza, see and spend time with my family and re-charge the batteries so to speak and also tackle 'potty training'!! gulp!

Therefore, I have a big ask... If you were hoping and planning on getting a piece in April, even early May - please can you get in touch ( so we can arrange a deposit and hold your piece? - I'm going to limit what I do so that I'm just going to be working on a few pieces and I will perhaps hold one market night where I sell some ready to go simple pieces.

I know there is still quite a lot of you who are yet to finalise photos for your pieces - so this is just a little note and gentle reminder to you also.  I hope you understand... I plan to come back with plenty of energy and ideas and have a bit of sparkle raring to go!

Who knows I might have even come up with new pieces and ranges...

Much love,
Claire x

Claire Millen

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