Lots Of Change To Come And 15% Off The Current Range

Lots Of Change To Come And 15% Off The Current Range

Change is coming...

I shared a shot of my rather messy studio this week...  I went in one evening after the girls were settled to attempt to tidy up and unpack boxes of frames blocking my way to the workbench!  The after shot didn't look much better until Kat had helped on Thursday!

The reality is 2 1/2 days child-free in the studio a week isn't enough to do everything I need to do to spin all the plates and keep the business running, I'm working evenings and every other moment I can to keep up.

So I've decided it's time for a bit of change, a de-clutter, a freshen up and to put some plans in place to find a bit of calm.  Perhaps then I can start to enjoy a few evenings on the sofa watching TV with the lonely hubby!

So, for my Autumn/Winter 2019 Refresh, here's what's planned...

  • A brand new logo and brand refresh for Periwinkle and Clay
  • Streamlining my product range
  • A new way to gift a Periwinkle and Clay piece
  • Introducing eco-friendly wrapping and packaging 
  • A new Botanical range plus Christmas items
  • An easier process to upload photos for new and old orders
  • Clear out of frames & imperfect stock on the Imperfect Facebook page
  • A few Tenner Tuesdays to clear old stock
  • And rather exciting, hopefully some new team members to introduce!

I can't do all of this in one go, but it's bubbling away in the background.  If you want to see things first, then please follow me on Facebook and Instagram and switch on notifications!

I also wanted to let you know that I will be increasing prices across the entire product range. I've not reviewed pricing for some items since Periwinkle and Clay was a spare bedroom business three years ago or more - a lot has changed in that time! I need to make sure I can continue to grow sustainably and keep designing and making beautiful items for you long into the future.

Finally as promised, here is a sneak preview of the new logo for Periwinkle and Clay. 

I'm so excited about the refresh and don't understand why I haven't made more of the Periwinkle flower in my logo before! So with my current love for all things botanical - here is the main website banner logo.

Do comment and let me know what you think :-)

Finally... Save 15% off the entire range of products listed currently in the shop until midnight Sunday 20th October using code AUTUMNREFRESH

I'm happy to accept photos up to 6 months after purchase.  Please note the photo submission deadline for Christmas is 20th November.

Claire xx

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