Making Easter eggstra special

Making Easter eggstra special

What is Easter usually for you? A well-deserved break with the children? A spot of decorating with twigs and eggs? Getting out in the garden? Chocolate? an Easter egg hunt?

Eliza has been asking Mr Millen and I what exciting things we're doing for Easter this year, bless her.  Another lockdown occasion where we can't see our Friends and Family - but hopefully the last?  Easter is quite special for Mr Millen and I - we got married on Easter Sunday 8th April 2012.  Our Wedding anniversary will never again land on Easter Sunday - but it's left a big place in our heart.  There were nods to Easter at our Wedding and plenty of Creme Eggs. 

Easter for me growing up was always an occasion we would spend with extended family - fond memories and fun times.

Whatever Easter has been for you, for sure our Easter for 2021 is even more meaningful as a time with loved ones thanks to everything that has happened - so let's look forward and hope that Easter 2022 will be one we can celebrate with our loved ones.

For Periwinkle and Clay, we are making more of an effort to get into the Easter spirit - hard not to with bunnies all over the studio!  We are very slowly getting there with making the new studio our home and our new Easter friends might stay around for a while!

Betty our kiln has been working hard to fire some gorgeous new pieces. We are so “eggcited” <sorry> to show you our new collection tonight.

Yesterday I decorated our Easter Twiggy tree at home and thought you might enjoy the funny video I made (my girls certainly did) so here is my wee guide to decorating your Easter Table with some of our new Easter friends.

  1. Start with a simple tablecloth or table runner - I opted for a faux grass table runner this year from Talking Tables - love it!
  2. Reach for the napkins (yet to buy these - but yellow will be the colour!)
  3. Create a centre piece - a twiggy tree or some small bud vases with simple spring flowers and bugs and don't forget the wee hanging decorations
  4. Why not include a beautiful ceramic bunny!

Our new ceramic bunny range will be live at 8pm tonight and I'm so excited to share them with you.  They've got names and I really hope to include them as a permanent feature for Periwinkle and Clay.  Let's face it, those of you who have followed me for long enough will know that the spring March hare used to be in my logo - so I have a soft spot for our hoppy friends!

Wishing you a lovely Easter break when it arrives.

Claire x

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