Welcome Kat!

**EXCITING news!**
Popping up behind all those parcels of gorgeousness is a lovely lady called Kat. Kat is Periwinkle and Clay's first ever 'official' employee and I'm super happy, relieved and excited about her joining.
Kat's going to be packaging up all your lovely orders to give my packaging hands a little rest. To be truthful, there just hasn't been enough hours in any one day/week/month to keep up with everything and I burnt out a little. So Kat's come to the rescue :-)
Kat started last Thursday, literally days after a very honest post on Monday which she replied to asking when I'd be advertising... I think Kat would agree with me when I say sometimes it pays to be brave and just put yourself forward :-)
I look forward to hopefully expanding the team in 2018! :-)
Claire xx
Claire Millen