Why have I decided to introduce wooden tiles?

Why have I decided to introduce wooden tiles?

I have been thinking about adding wooden tiles to the collection for a long time and finally this year was the right time to take the plunge!  And, boy have I fallen hook line and sinker for wooden tiles in my frames.

Wood is such an organic material; it was a logical and obvious progression for Periwinkle and Clay to add wooden tiles into our range.  I am keen that it is a range “addition”, I still very much have my love and focus on ceramic tiles.

I love the wooden tiles because the wood is a natural and organic material.  I can print them with stunning quality and clarity with UV ink, so they'll look great for years to come.  The wooden tiles complement the frames the same way as the ceramic tiles and still add a softness to the quality of the photos you get from ceramic. I love seeing the fine wood grain effect in the photographs - they each have their individuality.

I felt so inspired be able to add this to the collection.  Everything I can do on a ceramic tile I can do with wood which is totally amazing.  Having relocated to Macclesfield I needed to find a wood supply and only after a short search I have
been able to source wooden tiles that are super quality and can be laser cut to size.

I am proud to say that the wood we're using is responsibly sourced FSC quality wood.  As it is another small business local to me it means your framed wooden tiles have a small carbon footprint too so we are doing our bit for the environment too.

I would love to know what you think about the wooden tile frames and the growing collection.

Love Claire x

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