Christmas Mystery Box

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Christmas Mystery Boxes 2023

This years Mystery Boxes will be the best yet (I think.... I mean I am biased, but my pottery and ideas have improved somewhat this year!)

Generally speaking, the mystery boxes are all slightly unique as throughout the year I tested ideas, made sample pieces and have made some lovely things that for whatever reason haven't made it online.  So it's an opportunity for me to pass on some loveliness and spread some joy to others rather than it sitting on my shelves.  Whether you buy the box as a treat for yourself or if you decide to gift items on as presents, each box is packed with love and lots of little packages of gorgeousness to open - it's a bit like a little Christmas Day to yourself.

I think you probably all know by now I'm a perfectionist, so some pieces may have tiny imperfections - but still beautifully unique.  I absolutely adore putting these boxes together...and with the move to a smaller studio this year, I've been forced to look a little more seriously at the stockroom and how many beautiful items I have in there that haven't seen the light of day as well as downsize and think about what I'm going to concentrate on next year.


What might be included:

Ideas for what might be include; Mugs, candle pots, ceramic decorations, wooden or acrylic decorations, bears, pumpkins, other ceramic pieces from throughout the year, magnets, pin badges, cards or even the odd frame. 

Choose from:

  1. Cute - £25 - which will contain items worth £50+
  2. Lush - £50 - which will contain items worth £100+
  3. Deluxe - £100 - which will contain items worth £100 + a £100 physical gift card *

* The physical gift card is for a future photo tile frame - this would be a fabulous gift to give and will be limited in numbers.