Whats on at the Studio

Please book for everyone attending the session - if not we may not have a seat for you.

A deposit is required to reserve your seat and will be taken off your total bill on the day.

Refunds or changes to your booking are only accepted 48 hours before your session.

Keepsake print bookings are automatically for 2 parents and one child so please do let us know in the note section if you'd like to add more people.

For larger group bookings please contact us.

Pottery Painting

Come and spend some time with us painting a pot. We have lots of tips, tricks and everything you need to create your ceramic masterpiece!

We do advise booking as we have limited seats available. Price varies from £7-£50 depending on the size and detail of your piece. Paint, glazing and firing are included in the price. Your pottery will be ready to collect up to 2 weeks later unless stated otherwise.

We require a £5 deposit per person for your booking which will be deducted from your final bill. Please make sure to book for all people attending the visit even if you are not painting. We only have a total of 6 seats available.


We host a range of workshops and experiences across the year. From creating decorations for Christmas to building Bears and creating something special for your 9th Wedding Anniversary. Take a look through the calender of workshops available.

Baby Footprints

Wanting to come visit us to get some hand and footprints. Here's a selection of designs we have to offer.

Please note all items are hand painted so yours may vary from what is pictured.

Stock may change throughout the year but our designs can be adapted to fit other pottery shapes we may have instead.

Price varies on size and design so if you come along wanting to change the design this may increase the price.