Our Story

Founder of Periwinkle and ClayPeriwinkle and Clay began life in 2012 - way before this little munchkin came along.  I married my lovely husband in April 2012 and over the summer, missing wedding planning, I decided I needed a new little project...  

The inspiration for my first photo tile piece was my sister using Instagram for lots of lovely pictures from her daughter's first year.  I'd been working with clay for a while, and one evening thinking about Christmas gifts, I had the idea of transferring her Instagram pictures onto tiles, then mounting them onto a canvas as a special Christmas gift.

My sister & brother-in-law were thrilled and loved the piece I'd made them - I posted a few pictures to my Facebook page and things rapidly grew from there.  Before I knew it I was making lots of handmade clay tiled frames, gifts and bespoke decorations and chatting to lots of lovely customers and other amazingly creative people online.







My love for clay started at school - by far (with graphic design) the best subjects of the week!

I enjoy working with a medium that looks nothing more than a lump of mud but turns into something so beautifully stunning - opening Betty up after a firing is like opening a Christmas present.

I use a mixture of beautiful fine white Earthenware and white reinforced clay - both have their own nature and lend themselves to different end products.  I stopped making pieces that are air-dried only back in 2014.  Everything is now kiln fired in Betty my kiln for a better quality finish and to ensure your piece has strength with more chance of lasting a lifetime.

Periwinkle and Clay has grown so much over the last two years that I had to move it out of the home.  I used to be found rolling clay and creating in the kitchen, kiln-firing in the garage in Betty (my kiln!) and completing pieces in my studio (Eliza's old nursery) upstairs.

But now Periwinkle and Clay is run from a studio in Thatcham, round the corner from where I live so I've space to be creative and can close the door on creative mess :-)  Betty the kiln is yet to move out of home - so you can still find me making and glazing in the kitchen too for now!

The collection of products available from Periwinkle and Clay is always growing - I'm often dreaming up new ideas and I'm always happy to discuss ideas and work on custom pieces with you - just ask.

Periwinkle and Clay pieces can also be purchased other retail channels including: Etsy, Notonthehighstreet and AllbyMama.

Grab a cuppa and come and say hi over on Facebook and Instagram - would love to see you there.  Love, Claire x