Left Staircase Feature Wall


Do you have an empty staircase wall that you've been longing to fill with something unique to admire?  Your staircase is a blank canvas and could be used to showcase your special moments, memories, favourite people, times and places with a selection of Periwinkle and Clay photo tile frames.

Would you love to work with me directly, to have my creative input and use my 'eye'? If you'd like to be one of a lucky few to have me design and suggest a feature wall this is for you!

You can choose any of our framing options or we can look for something bespoke for you which may incur additional costs.

This particular staircase feature wall consists of 54 tiles in total across:
> 2 x single 3.5” 60mm tile frames
> 1 x single 5” 90mm tile frame
> 3 x double 6x4“ 60mm tile frames
> 1 x large 12 16x12” 60mm tile frame
> 1 x small 12 10x8” 45mm tile frame
> 1 x small 9 8x8“ 45mm frame
> 1 x large 9 10x10” 60mm frame
> 1 x large 3 12x4.5” 75mm tile frame

The benefits of ordering your feature wall in one go:
> Consistent design across the frames
> Consistent batch of frames/moulding
> Slightly cheaper than buying all individually
> Consistent batches of tiles
> Free Postage