Advice on choosing your photo(s)

Choosing Photos for your Photo Tile Frame or Keepsake

The most important thing is to chose a photo that evokes a memory, that makes you smile or that you know will make the recipient really happy.  The photo(s) are the most important part of the overall finished product so chose ones you really love - however, the photo does need to be cropped square to work on the majority of Periwinkle and Clay designs.

To help you choose photos that will work well on the tiles, here are a few tips....

  • It would be fab if you could upload your photo in .jpg format
  • Photos from your phone are fine - the cameras are pretty good these days but I’d ideally say a minimum 1200+ pixel resolution if possible (or as good as you've got)
  • I can work with old paper printed photos, just pop me a message to discuss
  • I tend to do a little editing (if required) to lighten photos before printing
  • I can change images to B&W or even Sepia if you so wish
  • It would also be great if you could pre-crop your photos into a square format, but don’t worry if you can’t as I always will before sending you a proof.

Here are some examples of what does/doesn’t work:

Not sure how to convert your photos to the square ones required?

  • There are so many apps you can use to crop and edit your photos.  One of the most popular is Instagram.
  • If you don't want to post your photos on Instagram then it is possible to edit and delete - you must do this whilst your phone is in Airplane mode - which means you're not on the online... you just delete the photos in Instagram before going back online and then you can find your edited photos in your albums on your phone.
  • There are lots of other photo editing apps on your phone as well as services online such as
  • Other Apps you could use include A beautiful Mess.  If you've used an app and would be happy to let others know - please comment on this post below and recommend xx

Any questions, or just still not sure - please message me your photo and double check or send it anyhow.  I'll always flag any potential issues with you before finalising the design.