A brand new look and feel for Periwinkle and Clay

A brand new look and feel for Periwinkle and Clay

Your favourite Photo Tile Frame Brand is getting a refresh. 

Periwinkle and Clay has come a long way since its beginnings in 2013 as Crafty Pretty. We feel very touched to still have such a lovely following with so many sticking with us from the early days.

1 name change, 2 children and a career change later, Periwinkle and Clay is in full swing as its own little entity, in its own studio employing its own wee team of amazing people! 

So I felt it was only right to give the brand an updated look going into 2020 and treat it to its own unique identity with a package of beautiful artwork. 

I've worked with Jo from Grey Card Creative and I honestly couldn't be more happy with the final package.  Jo has designed our very own Periwinkle Flower and foliage and teamed it with a beautiful clean 'tile' look and sophisticated font. 

Why the Periwinkle Flower? 

Well, according to common flower meanings, the Periwinkle evokes feelings of:

  • Blossoming friendships
  • Reminiscing about pleasant memories shared with friends or loved ones
  • Reaching your full potential and achieving your dreams
  • Existence throughout eternity, and extending your time with what you love
  • Everlasting love

Quite fitting, don't you think?

The website is first to be updated and I'll slowly roll out the changes onto social media, new packaging, new inserts, gift wrap and gift certificates.

Please let me know what you think - I hope you love it as much as I do! 

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