Shooting Star thank you prints & St. Georges Hospital Charity

Shooting Star thank you prints & St. Georges Hospital Charity

St George's Hospital Charity

What I’m about to share is something that I’m really quite proud of, a business milestone if you’d like…

A couple of months ago I was approached by an NHS nurse about purchasing a batch of the shooting star print that I had designed during the first lockdown this year.  I was delighted to be asked as you can imagine… I’ve just caught up on reading their twitter post and blog post from back in October on the St Georges Hospital Charity accounts and I can happily share that the print went down a treat and was very well received as a surprise gift.

The fact that it this print has been used in such a way as to thank NHS staff is quite funny really because I originally designed this print with my lovely friend in mind - she and her husband both work for the NHS and I felt like I wanted to say thank you for their hard work in my own way back in March.  So you can probably imagine that I’m over the moon that it will be displayed in hospital wards and will hopefully bring positivity and appreciation for other NHS staff and teams working at the Hospital. 

a snippet from the blog post:

"St George’s Hospital Charity is proud to have funded a wonderful initiative to thank staff and teams in the Med Card Division at St George’s Hospital. Framed thank you posters with a rainbow shooting star were distributed to staff this afternoon to show appreciation for all their dedication during the Coronavirus Pandemic."  Each picture will be displayed in the wards and departments of each team and along with all the Heads of Nursing, St George’s Hospital Charity would also like to say a big thank you.”

A link to the tweet...

I would also like to say a general huge thank you to everyone working tirelessly hard to bring some sort of comfort, help or joy to others during this pandemic. My goodness I think we're all looking forward to seeing an end to this Pandemic!

Claire x

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