Introducing our newest creation!

Introducing our newest creation!

We're thrilled to announce that our latest creation arrived into the world on Saturday 6th October in the evening.  And just like that, there were two little Millen's and it honestly feels like it's always been that way! 💕 Here is our beautiful new daughter Freya Rose Millen, weighing a healthy bonny 7lbs 6oz x 

We are all totally smitten, excited and thankful to be finally home together after what seems like a really long time apart with me spending the week in hospital. Freya was so intrigued by her big sister on their first meet - it was obvious she recognised Eliza's voice 💕so amazing, I honestly didn’t think my heart could feel any fuller currently xx 

I feel very blessed to have had a healthy pregnancy this time, one I’ve got to enjoy. Freya did come slightly earlier than I’d hoped as my blood pressure became too much of an issue. We both needed extra time in hospital but I am pleased to report that we are both doing great, recovering well and putting on weight (Freya which is good, me with hot chocolate which is not so good! lol) 

Lots of Love, claire xx

Claire Millen

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