Our little family is expanding...

Our little family is expanding...

If you’re reading this you’ve maybe already seen my exciting news on social media… Yes, that’s right I’m expecting our second child, Mini Millen #2, due 22nd October!!

Here's the scan of the wee bean...

Any guesses on pink or blue? ;-)

Mr Periwinkle & I are both over the moon to be expecting a new little one, and Eliza is super excited to be a big sister too :-D

When pregnant with Eliza I was in a corporate marketing job, so about this time I was having a chat with my boss about maternity leave.  Things are very different now I’m my own boss with lots of decisions to make!

But everything I do with the business is ultimately for my wonderful customers, so I have written blog posts to explain as clearly as possible for all of you what’s going to happen with Periwinkle & Clay during my pregnancy and once the baby arrives.

My plans up until October 2018

I’m hoping to keep the business running more or less as normal through to early September, health permitting.*  From then through until the baby arrives I will need to reduce my hours and workload to look after myself.

We had to have Eliza 4 weeks early, due to preeclampsia and my chronic hypertension - but we are hoping this time things will be a little better.  Following the birth, I will be taking at least one month completely off from the business – most likely closer to 6 weeks. (Although expect some cute baby photos ☺)

I don’t want to be too specific about my return to work as so much will depend on how the pregnancy and birth go – honestly making me slightly nervous thinking about it…  But I hope to be able to resume a reduced level of activity with Periwinkle & Clay following 6 weeks after the birth and return to something like normal early in 2019.

What does this mean for you?  to provide more detail, I have written separate blog posts for those of you who are...

…hoping to order for Father’s Day
…hoping to order the first day of school frame
…hoping to order for Christmas
…have already placed an order, but not yet sent me your photos
…had your heart set on discussing a bespoke commission or feature wall

If you simply want to place a regular order via the website, please carry on! ☺ However – I would suggest making it sooner rather than later. 

Depending on the level of interest and deposits placed, I may need to close the Periwinkle and Clay web shop, possibly as early as June or July, to just work off order books. 

So please don’t hesitate to order if there’s something you want, you can always submit photos at a later stage via email.

As always make sure you’re following me on social to stay up to date with my latest updates.  And thank you so much for your interest and support for Periwinkle and Clay! ☺

Claire xxx


* Some pregnancy-related small print.  I didn’t have the easiest pregnancy with Eliza and was in hospital repeatedly from around 26 weeks, until she arrived at 36 weeks.

This time around I’m on different medication and hope things will go a lot more smoothly, BUT there is always the chance nature has different plans!

If for any reason my pregnancy means I cannot deliver to the timescales set out in the relevant blog posts, I promise to:

  • Let you know via social media and email (for placed orders) as soon as reasonably possible
  • If I believe I will not be able to deliver an order for which a deposit has been paid, I will refund the deposit automatically and notify the buyer.
  • For fully paid orders, I will offer you the choice of either a refund OR priority in my work queue when I return to work after baby arrives.

Note that I will only offer refunds for fully paid orders placed up to one calendar month prior to the date at which I am forced to stop work.  Any orders placed earlier than this, for which I am waiting for photos or proof approval, will remain on my waiting list to fulfil once I return to work.  

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