Decorating Pottery

Pottery painting is a fun, relaxing and mindful activity to do, young or old and we welcome you all.  The studio is a bright, colourful and inspirational place with lovely range of unique pottery pieces chosen by Claire. There are 30 gorgeous colours to paint with as well as a selection of liners, sponges and stencils.

We have years of tips, tools and experience to share with you. We love helping total beginners find the joy in pottery decorating. There is no judgement here and I promise you we can help you create something you'll feel proud of. The range of pottery that you can paint includes Mugs, Plates, Bowls, Vases, Plant Pots, Pen Pots and other functional or decorative pieces with prices starting from £12 up to £40. We even make our own pottery and later this year will be providing you with Bollington Bears and other items to decorate.

We're open 10-3pm Monday to Saturday day time and Tuesday evenings as well as Treacle Sunday.
We're also open two Fridays a month at 7pm for our popular pottery & prosecco.

All pottery decorated will be glazed and fired ready for collection within 7-10 days.

To reserve your seats, click on the Pottery Decorating link below and this will take you through our new booking system on Square. £2 deposit per seat which will be refunded on your chosen pottery.