Shop Updates

Sunday 14th January 2024

If you've been visiting the website/shop recently and wondering why everything is showing as out of stock - there's an excellent reason!
This year, I'll only be opening up my shop monthly; once a month near to the end of the month and payday. The website will be updated for the shop update each month. Each shop update will contain new bears and new ceramics as well as frames and the availability of stock for ceramic tile frames and acrylic tile frames on will be easily visible.
This does mean that stock will be more limited and I may end up disappointing some of you - but this year I needed to feel more in control of stock and how much I'm holding onto as well as how much I can process in any given month.

** How is it going to work?**

The shop will open from 9am on a Friday to 10pm on the Sunday of that weekend - to give you time to place your orders. The collections for ceramics, bears, frames, etc. and what will be available will be clear on the home page.

** Photos **

This is a biggie! If you want to place a frame order in any of the shop updates this year, you'll need to upload your photos at the point of placing the order. This is the main reason why you'll have a weekend and if you're on my mailing list you'll get reminders to get your photos at the ready.

** Email updates **

If you're on my email list, you'll be emailed when the shop updates are happening and the email on launch morning will give you clear links to the shop sections - so it is worth signing up for these.

** Patreon **

I'm excited to announce that I've launched my first-ever Patreon account for Periwinkle and Clay. So many of you have been such amazing supporters of me and the business for so long, that I thought this would be a brilliant next step for me and the business.
So many updates and content get lost on social media - but Patreon is different - it supports artists and their fans.  If you join my supporters club, you'll get access to unique content that won't be shared elsewhere. You'll get behind-the-scenes content, funny outtakes of antics at the studio and shares of work in progress and new designs - I'll share far more than I normally do publicly on social media.
As a Patreon supporter, not only will you be able to shape the future of Periwinkle and Clay but you'll be able to help me make and create. I'll share designs and thoughts with you; and ask for your votes and input. The other incredible thing is that as a perk of being a Patreon supporter, you'll get early access to shop updates and even a collection of ceramics designed just for you and the ability to request commissions.
I'm so excited to welcome you if you'd like to sign up - head here to support:
Claire xx